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Welcome to the Biowarfare Exercises Page!

On these pages, you can find information about biowarfare exercises that have been going on for the past few years. What makes these exercises suspicious is that many of them mention China as the source of the weapon. Freedom of information act requests uncovers some of these exercises. Government whistleblowers release documents to the media that shed light on what the governments are doing.

In many of these exercises, the government uses Influenza as the weapon of choice for the terrorists. In other cases, they use Anthrax or even Ricin. Conducting bioterror exercises to make cities and first responders ready for a biological attack is not suspicious in itself.

Yet, when we see attacks happen within days, weeks, or months after these exercises, we need to be suspicious of these events. Usually, we find governments want to strip away rights after such attacks like what we saw in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

These pages will deal specifically with the COVID19 outbreak and the suspicious exercises that proceed with it. You will also find some suspicious statements and actions before the outbreak occurred that need investigation.

Events Before COVID-19 Outbreak!

In the section below are curious and suspicious events before the outbreak of COVID-19. These events should give you cause for concern.

The Curious and the Suspicious


Mike Pompeo - Live Event Statement

Former Trump appointee, Central Intelligence Director, Mike Pompeo made a curious statement during a press conference regarding COVID19. In this conference he walks up to the podium and begins to speak when he is asked a question he responds; "This is a live exercise!"

Watch the video and you can clearly see that nobody in the room asks him to elaborate on what he had just said to the press. The only one who responds is former President Donald Trump who responds; "You should have told me!" Go there.


Crimson Contagion 2019 - Warned of Pandemic in US

The city of Chicago hosts an exercise called; "Crimson Contagion" to test the readiness of state and federal officials to a biowarfare attack in August, just a few short months before the first signs of COVID19 surface. Read it here. Are we to believe that this is a coincidence this close to a pandemic outbreak?


Event 201

In October of 2019 in New York a simulation plays out concerning a pandemic involving a simulated virus called; "CAPS" which stands for Corona-virus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome which produces symptoms of mild like flu to pneumonia. This is eerily similar to what China reports in December of 2019 just two months later! Read about it here. This is simulation has the support of John Hopkins University, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Centers for Disease Control, and dozens of others.


Dr. Fauci - Director National Institute of Health - "No Doubt, Trump to Face Surprise Infectious Outbreak!"

In 2017, Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Health addresses the public and tells people that President Trump will face a sudden infectious pandemic during his presidency! I guess the biggest question on everyone's mind is; "How the hell does he know that?" If there is an investigation into the whole "Wuhan virus" we might get an answer out of him. Read it here. Remember that Dr. Fauci has connections to the famous lab in Wuhan through US Government grants! If the link is broke, then here is the pdf version. Read it here.


John Hopkins University - SPARS Pandemic Handbook

In October of 2017, John Hopkins University released a self-guided pandemic exercise book called; “The Spars Pandemic – 2025-2028 A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators.” The fictional scenario involves fast tracking a new drug for a nationwide vaccination effort. Read about it here. Does this sound familiar? This “fictional” scenario handbook looks like a template for what the world is dealing with right now. I also have the manual here.


2019 – Had the most CEO Departures on Record with More than 1600

Why did so many CEO’s of corporations suddenly resign in early 2019? Could they have known what was coming in the late fall with the sudden appearance of COVID19? How would they have learned about this threat when the rest of the world seemed oblivious to the danger? Did US Intelligence warn them of the impending pandemic? Read about it here. If the link is broken you can read the pdf version of the article here.


Clade X - 2018 - Washington, D.C. - John Hopkins University

In yet another John Hopkins exercise (this time table top) in Washington, D.C., a pandemic exercise was held on May 15, 2018. Its purpose was to demonstrate the high level strategic decisions and policies that the United States and the rest of the world would need to pursue in order to deal with a global pandemic. Read about it here. If the link is broke you can read the pdf saved version here.

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