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From the earliest days of America’s existence to the current COVID19 conspiracy, America has been haunted by conspiracies both real and imagined. Real conspiracies keep both citizens, law enforcement, and even politicians awake wondering how bad it is and who among them caused the conspiracy.

We have all heard about some of the most famous conspiracies starting with this America’s founding being done as a result of a conspiracy. Then we have conspiracy theories around the Civil War, the Lincoln assassination, WW1, WW2, and brush fire wars that were never declared. We also see the unseen hand of shadowy groups involved in the Federal Reserve, Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam war, Desert storm, the formation of the Central Intelligence Agency and other alphabet soup agencies, behavior modification performed by the previously mentioned agency as well as the U.S. Military, weather control, and total information control that robs society of needed information.

All of it can be found right here on these pages.


An agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act, along with an intent to achieve the agreement’s goal.

Source: Cornell Law School –

More on Conspiracies

The term conspiracy comes from the Greek word; “Conspiro” which means; “To breath together.” Sounds innocent enough, but based on the conspiracies that the world deals with on a daily basis, that word and its English counterpart; “Conspiracy” have taken on dark connotations.

From secret societies, globe spanning intelligence agencies, to murky underworld groups like the Russian mob, MS-13, Antifa, BLM, and a host of assorted other boogie men, we feel as though our control over our lives, our communities, and our countries is slowly slipping away.

In these pages you will find very well known conspiracies and many more not so well-known. Some you may have never heard such as the missing A-10 carrying a nuclear weapon that flew a large circle over Colorado and then disappeared into Mexican airspace, never to be seen again. Yet authorities told us that it crashed in the Colorado Rockies. Yet investigators found only an A-10 that had crashed over ten years before. The plane, its pilot, and the nuclear weapon have never been found and the US Government does not list the missing weapon as a “Bent Spear” or “Broken Arrow.”

That incident is just but one of many that has never been fully explained or investigated by any authority of any level of government.

Conspiracies List


Sandy Hook

What really happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school? Could one teenage boy with Asperger's have done the shooting they claim, or was there other suspects, or another suspect entirely? What about the man dressed like a cop seen running into the woods? Stranger still; was that school even open as it appears to have been used for storage? Could it have been staged to further gun control measures? visit The conclusions reached on these pages are backed up by documents and photos.


Aurora Theatre Shooting

Like Sandy Hook, can we be assured that one person committed the crime at the Aurora, Colorado theater? What about the fact that there was blood going from the suspects car to the building? Why is that? What about the people that are recorded on the news as smiling and high fiving each other as they exit the theater, suggesting that this thing was staged? visit Are these shootings really "Active Shooter Drills?


Minot B-52 Conspiracy

How could Air Force personnel load nuclear weapons onto a B-52 by accident? This is what supposedly what happened at Minot Air Force base in North Dakota. Why did Air Force personnel die right before and soon after the B-52 was discovered to have “live” nuclear weapons onboard? Coincidence? Murder to cover up a crime? Where was that B-52 headed? Iran? North Korea? visit This incident happened during the Bush administration where Vice President Dick Cheny openingly threatened to bomb Iran!


Virginia Tech Conspiracy

What really happened at Virginia Tech? Did Cho really commit the crime himself, or did he have help? How did the doors to t he building he entered get chained from the outside? Why were there two Columbine High School students there? A clean up operation to get rid of two witnesses from Columbine? Donec Is it possible the government would to this extent just to get rid of two witnesses from Columbine High School?


September 11, 2001 Conspiracy

Who was really behind the September 11, 2001 attacks? Why did Bin Laden say; “I’m happy it happened, but I had nothing to do with it?” How did the buildings go down at free fall speed? Were they imploded using explosives? Could the Israeli’s have been involved? Who had “put options” on the airlines? Did it people had knowledge that the attack was coming? Why did a young Hollywood actress have to flee America after criticizing the official version of events? Why was the steel from the buildings shipped to China without any examination? visit These questions and more will be explored on these pages.


Columbine High School Conspiracy

What really happened at Columbine High School? Did Harris and Klebold really act alone or did they have help? Did the ATF bring in the big bomb found in the kitchen of the school? Who is the man seen dressed like a “cop or firefighter” that was seen shooting at the school? How could Harris and Klebold have carried so much ammo and bombs into the school in fell swoop? Why did families receive new cars, homes, and cash, after the shooting? Payoff to keep quiet? visit These questions and more will be examined in the link provided.


Biomedical Research - Bio-warfare and Behavioral Modification

In these pages, you can read about the often misunderstood area of biomedical research and its effect on people, economies, politics, and warfare. Starting with ancient times and then moving onto modern-day biomedical research, there is plenty to read and absorb. visit In these pages, you can read about the often misunderstood area of biomedical research and its effect on people, economies, politics, and warfare. Starting with ancient times and then moving onto modern-day biomedical research, there is plenty to read and absorb. Questions persist about whether the government can control people's minds and create weapons using viruses. Within these pages are the answers to t hoser questions!

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