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COVID-19- Part 2


CDC Cooks numbers to justify their fake "pandemic." Link

Lipid Nano Particles enter the brain carrying Spike Proteins! Watch here

Erica Kahn speaks about how the vax will make your immune system attack your own body and destroy it! Listen here

Lipid Nanoparticles: A Novel Approach for Brain Targeting Lipds are used in COVID19 vax! - follow lnk here

NHS of Scotland is showing deaths from the COVID19 vaccine to be higher than deaths from the virus itself! Follow link here

Statistics European Database on Injuries and deaths.

Alarming casualties Experts call attention to vaccine injury rates.

Vaccine causing serious health problems Pfizer causes neurological disorders

Latest numbers on death and injuries follow link.

Health and Human Services report Vaccine Reports

Houston hospital employees suing employer over COVID19 Link to lawsuit

CEO of Houston hospital says COVID19 vaccine "not experimental." link to idiots comment